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Forum Rules
The term "Users" (collecteviely, but not limited to, "authour") refers to the person who has an account with New World Gaming. The term "content" refers to, but not limited to, topic, posts and avatars.

All content posted on New World Gaming reflects the view of the authour, not the view of New World Gaming. Under no circumstances are administrators, moderators or directors liable for any content that might breach our terms of service, rules or any law. Content that users may feel be in violation of our terms, can be reported through the report feature. Whilst moderation teams will make best of efforts to ensure all content on our website are apporpriate, it may be impossible to review all content due to the volume of content being created.

To ensure there is order on the forum and

[To be updated]

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Forum Rules - by Sledgehammer - 08-27-2017, 11:36 PM

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